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Underground swing gates Motor


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GHOST 200 is the range of residential/collective underground swing gate motors for leafs up to 4 mtavailable in 230V and 24V.

The GHOST 200 operators are rugged and reliable, and provide an invisible installation thanks to the possibility to install  the mechanical stops inside the motor box. Completing the installation with control boards of DE@NET series provides maximum security and complies the European Norms EN12453 and EN12445, also in 230V versions, thanks to the encoder.

·         Versions with encoder for 230V and 24V, to manage the position precisely

·         Version with power supply cable 8 mt long to allow easy installation of 2 operators

·         Slow speed versions, to permit a higher dimensions of the leaf

Foundation box with cataphoresis treatment (black) or in stainless steel


  • Motor power supply         230V AC ± 10 % (50/60 Hz)
  • Maximum power absorption   400 W
  • Max thrust                               320 N
  • Duty cycle (cycles/hours)         20 - 28  (vers. 200/EN)
  • N. max cycles in 24h.     200
  • Built-in capacitor          12,5 μF
  • Operating temperature    -20 ÷ 50 °C
  • Motor thermal protection     150 °C
  • 90° Opening time             17 s
  • Weight with packing      14,5 Kg
  • Protection degree              67 IP